Raising Your Child

Raising Your Child with Autism

An autism diagnosis often creates significant changes to your child’s and family’s future plans. From the moment you hear your child’s diagnosis, you face a range of treatment decisions requiring knowledge that may exceed your education, background, or life experiences. This need for specific, individualized information and treatment for persons with autism is dynamic and lifelong.

Creating a Record System

After receiving an autism diagnosis, your family faces two immediate challenges: a steep learning curve and a need to quickly organize a treatment plan. This section serves as a “how to” resource for organizing and maintaining your child’s many records and documents.

Intervention and Quality of Life

According to the American Academy of Pediatricians, evidence indicates that “early and intensive behavioral and educational intervention can make a significant, positive impact on long-term outcomes.” Time is of the essence, and the decisions you make now are important.

Treatment Options

The earlier the intervention, the better its potential to benefit the child with autism. Not all treatments are effective for your child.

Family Supports

While autism primarily affects the individual diagnosed with the disorder, it also impacts the entire family. Learn how to access supports for your entire family, and how you can better take care of yourself as a caregiver.

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