What does the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) do for my family?

There are two primary functions of EFMP: a personnel function for administrative and management purposes and one that provides a range of family support.

The personnel function is mandatory for all active duty service members and is uniform across all services. EFMP maintains documentation of a family member’s special needs and uses that information to make personnel assignments consistent with the needs of the family and the availability of required services. EFMP’s main goal across the board is to ensure that family members with special medical or mental health needs are not sent to assignments where the MTF or facilities in the surrounding area cannot meet their medical needs. This is not always to say that the service member will not be sent to such assignments, but the families should always be in a location that can meet their exceptional family member’s needs. The program also provides case management and informs agencies providing managed care support of a family member’s specific needs.  Please note that EFMP does not contact providers or support agencies directly; families are responsible for doing that for themselves.

The family support function is intended to provide a range of direct support for families that have children with special needs, including autism. It is not standardized and can vary widely depending on the service and location. It is tremendously helpful for you to find out as quickly as possible what services are available through your service branch EFMP and specific duty station. Helpful resources for this can be found at:

EFMP enrollment is mandatory for active duty service members and required immediately upon identification of a special need. The required forms for enrollment are:

DD Form 2792
Exceptional Family Member Medical Summary for medical issues only,  and;

DD Form 2792-1
Exceptional Family Member Special Education/Early Intervention Summary for educational issues.

Remember: enrollment primarily supports the personnel function. For treatment matters and EFMP family support, the service member and spouse will need to consult with the medical and family support centers respectively. For contact information on EFMP offices in specific locations, visit the Resource Directory or follow the Military Installations link on DoD’s Military OneSource Web site.

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