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Plan My Move

Plan My Move is an online moving tool provided by Military OneSource that generates a personalized checklist based on the parameters of your move, complete with general and installation-specific information. The checklist can be customized based on your role and the circumstances of your move, including whether you need continued EFMP services. The checklist items are generalized and non-specific, so it is important that you expand upon it and customize it to better prepare your child for the move.

Here is an expanded checklist tool that can help prepare for you and your child for the move.

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MilitaryINSTALLATIONS works hand in hand with Plan My Move. It provides maps and contact information for programs and services, links to comprehensive location overviews, and community points of interest for military installations worldwide. With this resource, service members and family members can quickly find relevant information about their new installation.

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Military Kids Connect

Military Kids Connect is an online space that helps military children and teens develop coping skills related to moves and deployment. It is a website designed for children ages 6–18 to help them deal with some of the anxiety and challenges caused by a PCS move and change of schools. It uses humor, empathy, testimonials, and upbeat visuals to address the challenges of moving with the military. It addresses things from elementary, middle, and high school perspectives and extends to topics like healthy eating, physical activity, handling money, and coping with difficult issues like loneliness and bullying. By providing forums to connect with other children, and providing engaging, age-relevant tools, this website addresses other challenging topics, such as grief, separation, and anxiety.

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