IEP Meetings

Who Is On the IEP Team?

Your child’s IEP team includes several people. By law, it includes to the extent applicable:

  • You, the parent
  • Your child at age 16 and older
  • A translator, if needed
  • The evaluator, such as a school psychologist
  • At least one general education teacher
  • At least one special education teacher
  • A school district representative

You are welcome to invite advocates, such as a family member or friend, to provide support or help you take notes.

What Should I Do to Prepare for the IEP Meeting?

You do not need to be a special education lawyer to be an effective advocate for your child in the IEP process. Prepare and plan ahead.

  • Know your rights as a parent and a team member according to the law.
  • Be familiar with your child’s current evaluation data and performance at school.
    • Review recent work samples from school.
    • Review the IEP if one already exists to determine if it needs updating.
    • Observe your child at school.
  • Prepare a list of goals and services you wish your child to receive.
  • Consider inviting an advocate (friend or family member) for support.

What Should I Bring to the IEP Meeting?

Bring any documentation that may help inform the IEP team’s decisions.

  • A photo of your child if he or she is not with you. IEP meetings tend to be somewhat impersonal, and your child’s photo will serve as a reminder.
  • Materials for documentation (paper and pen, laptop, etc.)
  • Recent IEP and assessments or reports from school or other service providers
  • Any articles or other research that may help the team better understand your child’s needs
  • A positive attitude. A good approach is to “expect the best but prepare for the worst.”

What Should I Do After the Meeting?

  • Review and clarify your notes for future reference.
  • Confirm action items and who is responsible for doing what.
  • Work cooperatively with your child’s teacher to ensure that the IEP is implemented effectively, as written.
  • File all materials away.
  • Prepare for the next IEP meeting.

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