Educational Rights

IDEA: Understanding Your Child’s Educational Rights

Understanding your child’s educational rights is essential to getting the support you need in the school setting. Learn about your child’s educational rights and what you can expect as you work with the school to establish your child’s educational program.

In summary, IDEA governs the way school districts must find, evaluate, develop, and implement special education programs. IDEA requires specific procedures from the identification of a student who may require special education through the implementation and ongoing evaluation of that student’s educational program.

That process includes the following steps:

  1.  Identification of the student by the school or the family.
  2. Initiation of an evaluation to determine eligibility.
  3. Meeting to determine specific eligibility of the student.
  4. Development of the IEP.
  5. Implementation of the IEP.
  6. Documentation and ongoing review of the IEP.
  7. Formal annual review and revision of the IEP.
  8. Determination every 3 years by an educational team whether a new evaluation needs to be conducted.

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